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Xiao Xun Chen Zhong [HDCD]



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  • Xiao and Xun music by one of the greatest musicians of China, Chen Zhong
  • Track Listing (Chinese)
    01. 普庵咒 (Xun and Orchestra)
    02. 出水蓮 (Xiao and Zheng)
    03. 陽關三疊 (Xun and Orchestra)
    04. 妝臺秋思 (Xiao and Zheng)
    05. 關山月 (Xun and Orchestra)
    06. 佛上殿 (Xiao)
    07. 西宮詞 (Xun and Orchestra)
    08. 高山流水 (Xiao and Zheng)
    09. 楚歌 (Xun and Zheng)
    10. 熏風曲 (Xiao and Orchestra)
    11. 漢宮秋月

    • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
    • Origin: China
    • Number of Discs: 1

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