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Yanni The Best of Yanni [HDCD]



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Track Listing

I Love You Perfect
01. Opening Credits - Theme to "I Love You Perfect"
02. Allan Fired
03. The Lovers Quarrel
04. Setting the Horse Free
05. The Lovers Make
06. "Marry Me!"
07. "But I Have Some Good Days"
08. Christina Dies
09. Ending Credits - Theme to "I Love You Perfect"

Heart of Midnight
10. Overture - Carol's Theme
11. Welcome to "Midnight"
12. Carol Through the Rooms
13. Carol's Theme - Soft Interlude
14. Aftermath
15. Carol's Talks to Maria
16. Carol's Theme - Sadness of the Heart
17. End Sequence - The Final Confrontation / Carol's Theme - Sisters in Pain Sonny's Death
18. Final - Carol's Theme

  • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
  • Origin: China
  • Number of Discs: 1
From Comment
2011-06-29 Chris M. I bought this HDCD, received it today and listened to it for the first time. Ninety eight percent of the songs don't even go over 2 minutes and song no.18 isn't there. Forget this CD there are far better buys out there. Ethnicity is a must buy and Live At The Acropolis as well, all in HDCD of course ;o).

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