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Gone With The Wind Soundtrack [HDCD]



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  • soundtrack performed by National Philharmonic Orchestra of Austria in 1974 and reproduced in New York in 1989 using Dolby Surround
  • Audio CD (HDCD-encoded) x 1, Dolby Surround
  • total playing time 43:27
  • Track Listing

    01. Selznick International Trademark * Main Title: Dixie, Mammy, Tara, Rhett
    02. Opening Sequence: The Twins, Katie Bell, Ashley, Mammy
    03. Driving Home, Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett, Tara
    04. Dance Montage: Charleston Hell and Toe Polka, Southem Belle Waltz, Can Can
    05. Grazioso, Mammy, Ashley, Ashley and Scarlett, Scarlett, Ashley and Melanie Love Theme
    06. Civil War, Fall of the South, Scarlett Walks Among the Wounded
    07. True Love, Ashley Returns to Tara from the War, Tara in Ruins
    08. Belle Watling
    09. Reconstruction, The Nightmare, Tara Rebuilt, Bonnie, The Accident
    10. Mammy and Melanie on the Staircase, Rhett's Sorrow
    11. Apotheosis: Melanie's Death, Scarlett and Rhett, Tara

    • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
    • Origin: China
    • Number of Discs: 1

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